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Pilot Mission

The mission of the Pilot-in-Command before the flight



After booking passengers

  • The pilot contacts the passengers by phone/chat/email to get to know each other

  • The pilot makes the passenger aware of the risk of cancellation of the flight in case of bad weather or any other reason

  • The pilot gives logistical advice to passengers (sunglasses, adequate clothing, transport to the aerodrome, passenger weight, limited luggage, etc ...)

The day before the flight

  • The pilot makes a weather briefing with the passengers and possibly cancels the flight in case of bad weather

  • The pilot briefs passengers so that they arrive on time in the field

  • Pilot reminds passengers of logistical advice


Passenger briefing at the flying club

  • The pilot takes the time to explain on the map, the route of the sites to fly over

  • The pilot explains to the passengers what to do and what not to do

Passenger briefing in the helicopter

  • Installation, belts, seat position, locking and unlocking doors

  • Rudder and free handle (passengers must not touch them and these control surfaces must not be blocked by a camera or bag for example)

  • Passengers should not speak to the pilot when using the radio

  • Emergency landing procedures

  • Communication with the pilot in case of stress or discomfort (vomit bag present in the cockpit for passengers)

  • The pilot instructs passengers on how to participate in flight safety

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