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3 passengers maximum PRICE 975 Euros PER TOUR


Welcome around the glass of friendship (hot or cold non-alcoholic drink)

Presentation of the R44 Robinson helicopter and the sites flown over (route map)


Flight/Safety Briefing

Video / photo report (delivery of an http link to download)


Post-flight debriefing

Flight subject to weather conditions / Possible postponement to a later date



A unique helicopter-specific hovering experience for

admire the ornithological fauna of the Camargue and Les Baux de Provence!

From Aix-les-Mille aerodrome, you will be immediately

captivated by Roquefavour, the largest stone aqueduct bridge in the world!

Direction the Blue Coast by a vertical of Marseille airport

Marignane to reach Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône via the Gulf of Fos-sur-Mer where an incessant maze of oil tankers and goods transits.

A flat, marshy landscape will then give way to pink and white colors

salt tides of the Camargue where many flamingos

stay all year round and whose flight is absolutely majestic!

Change of scenery by taking a course to Les Baux-de-Provence, including

the plumb allowed a prehistoric and ancient sedentarization, containing

Today an abundant and varied avifauna, rich in rare and


Return home by the Roman road at the crossroads of the four roads where

stands the small mount of Miramas the Old and finally the promontory of the village

of Cornillon-Confoux famous for its "alley of Sarcophagi" containing

tombs of the first century BC. J.-C



The appointment is fixed at the Rotor Club Aixois (arrival maximum 20 min before the time

of planned take-off) - The club is on the side of the Control Tower, so

opposite the main entrance and runway of Aachen aerodrome

Miles, at the same place as ENSOPS. The Portal Code (white) is 1845A if it

was closed. Take 2nd left facing the Control Tower and go

to the end of the road that ends in dirt. There are 2 white bubbles and

The helicopter is blue. Below, the WAZE link of the meeting place:

Onsite -> Parking / Toilets / Waiting Room Lounge

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