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3 passengers maximum PRICE 575 Euros PER TOUR


Welcome around the glass of friendship (hot or cold non-alcoholic drink)

Presentation of the R44 Robinson helicopter and the sites flown over (route map)


Flight/Safety Briefing

Video / photo report (delivery of an http link to download)


Post-flight debriefing

Flight subject to weather conditions / Possible postponement to a later date



Fly over the Pic des Mouches de la Sainte Victoire by helicopter! From the top of

this imposing rocky summit of 1011 m altitude and emblem of Aix,

will offer you a panoramic view of our beautiful Provence. This massif

Limestone of the Pyrenean-Provençal chain is home to the legend of a battle

imaginary victorious of a certain Marius but source of inspiration to

Cézanne. You will continue your flight on the foothills of the chain. You

will then fly over the Bimont dam, which blocks the bed of the Cause and retains

14 million m3 of water abstracted from the Verdon. You will be able to admire this

Amazing architecture 180 m long and 87.5 m high. Back to base

by the North of Aix, the capital of the County of Provence and a must at the

above the aqueduct of Roquefavour, the largest stone work of

its type



The appointment is fixed at the Rotor Club Aixois (arrival maximum 20 min before the time

of planned take-off) - The club is on the side of the Control Tower, so

opposite the main entrance and runway of Aachen aerodrome

Miles, at the same place as ENSOPS. The Portal Code (white) is 1845A if it

was closed. Take 2nd left facing the Control Tower and go

to the end of the road that ends in dirt. There are 2 white bubbles and

The helicopter is blue. Below, the WAZE link of the meeting place:

Onsite -> Parking / Toilets / Waiting Room Lounge

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